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Southlake's Premiere Full-Service Equestrian Center



"The horse barn is our second home, where we find solace, companionship, and a sense of belonging."

Queen Elizabeth II


Discover unparalleled full-service care at Southlake Equestrian – your horse's ultimate haven. Immerse yourself in the luxury of our expansive covered arena, meticulously ventilated barn, and spacious box stalls boasting large picture windows for breathtaking views. With premium, dust-free bedding ensuring the utmost comfort, and a dedicated team of experienced horse professionals, it's no wonder Southlake residents to the DFW community have trusted us with their horses. Join the legacy of satisfied clients who've found a home for their equine companions at Southlake Equestrian. Your horse deserves the best – experience the difference with us!


Embark on a winning journey with Southlake Equestrian – your gateway to excellence in both USEF A-rated recognized hunter/jumper shows and DHJSC/NTHJC events, all year long. Elevate your performance with our dedicated team as we transport your horses in our spacious show trailer, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey.


At Southlake Equestrian, our arena is meticulously designed with horse show-quality jumps, providing the perfect training ground to hone your skills. Our highly-experienced training staff is committed to guiding riders to success, accompanying them to the diverse array of fun & exciting shows that we actively participate in.


Experience the thrill of competition while building lasting friendships and a community of support from our show team. Your show journey will be complete with highly experienced show training that includes a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, team building and confidence development while having fun and building lifelong friendships.


Embark on your equestrian journey with us at the Southlake Equestrian Academy, where even the most seasoned riders began with their first captivating lesson. Our academy prides itself on a meticulously structured curriculum that encompasses riding theory, strength and confidence building, and a thorough understanding of the purpose behind each skill introduced.


Our comprehensive format is designed to empower each rider to build upon their previous lessons, fostering a deep comprehension of every milestone and facilitating progress tracking. Immerse yourself in a safe and nurturing environment, riding our selection of healthy and experienced school-master type horses that serve as expert guides in shaping each student into a seasoned equestrian.


Join us at the Southlake Equestrian Academy, where every lesson propels you towards mastery and celebrates the transformative journey from novice to seasoned rider. Your equestrian adventure starts here!

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